Rupert is 8 years old, microchipped and neutered. Sadly his owner passed away. He is a whopping 8kgs but has already lost 1kg, so his new owner will need to keep an eye on his eating habits. He eats dried food and is partial to roast chicken.
He is a gentle giant, who has a very quiet purr and meow, but will certainly up the noise level when he wants your attention. He loves cuddles, laps and head rubs. He will need a large litter tray due to his size to ensure he aims right. He likes to go outside but doesn't wander far.
He needs to be the only cat in the house, at the moment in his foster care he is surrounded by 6 others, but it is obvious he would much prefer to be the king of his own castle.
He is a real gentleman who will be a wonderful companion in his forever home.
Rupert is currently in Bradley Stoke, for more information or to arrange a visit, please ring Kellie on 07813610571


This is a Direct Homing, Rupert is in private foster care, not in Cats Protection care, you will be dealing directly with Kellie who has provided this information. CP are not liable for anything and the normal CP procedures wont come into place.